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About Us

Jake’s Diapers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing the basic need of cloth diapers to babies, children, and adults in extreme poverty whose caregivers have to choose between food & diapers.

Since beginning in April of 2013, Jake’s Diapers has been blessed to impact the lives of over 3,000 babies in 16 countries, including here in our own Wisconsin backyard; through provisions of more than 30,000 cloth diapers. Jake’s Diapers accepts donations of new & used cloth diapers and matches them up with babies in need. We feel so blessed to be called to this journey to help those in need, as a way of showing God’s love.

Through our strong faith in God and a calling to share God’s love and help those in need, we are accomplishing our mission of providing cloth diapers through a trusted network of supporters. The provision of modern cloth diapers is a life-changing gift; improving the quality of life of the recipient and caregiver; as well as making a positive environmental, health, and financial impact. We do this to share God’s love and to be the hands & feet of Jesus.

We typically work with orphanages, ministry partners, and partner agencies. This system allows us to work at addressing the root causes of poverty and impacting positive world change. This is because diaper need is a common issue, and by solving diaper need for our recipients our partner agencies are able to do do what they do best while we do what we do best. For example, over half of our international recipients are babies in orphanages. By providing them with the basic need of cloth diapers, the caregivers are able to focus on meeting other basic needs, including food and medical care.

If you have questions, want to get involved, or know of a potential Diaper Drop, please contact us.

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