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Coronavirus resources: Learn about community impact and where to get help

We’re working diligently to provide help to people in need during this difficult time. Read the stories about people who need help, as browse our links to coronavirus resources.

News of school and other local closures last week provided a glimpse at the real impact the coronavirus will have on our community. 

While many people ran to the stores to stock up their family’s needs, the overstocking is negatively impacting those most vulnerable populations. 

For example, our Executive Director Stephanie Bowers received the following phone call

“My 72-year old dad is terrified to go to the store – and even if he went, would there be any incontinence supplies for him?”

We also heard from a Diaper Drop partner about thankful parents after the local store shelves were emptied of diapers, and low income families who couldn’t afford to stock up were now left without.

 “I just want to say how much Jake’s Diapers helped our small community! Panicked mothers coming to me for cloth diapers because store shelves were cleaned out and they couldn’t afford to buy bulk and were now left with nothing. Jake’s to the rescue!” 

We know this type of impact will continue to ripple through the low-income community, and echo Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich’s call to “do whatever you can to help.” 

Green Bay made the decision to shut down public transportation to prevent the spread of coronavirus, calling it a difficult decision in a Facebook post.

“This is going to be a difficult time for us all, but it will be especially trying for those who are most economically vulnerable,” he said. “Do whatever you can to help.”

There is a lot of information being shared about coronovirus right now. The best way to stay informed with accurate details is to check the below agency sites, with many links to resources and updates as information on the coronavirus and confirmed cases becomes available.

Also, monitor news in your local community via news station updates on the Post Crescent  or Green Bay Press Gazette’s article.

Below, we have more links to virtual and local resources to help our community through this trying time.

Resources for parents + kids during coronavirus school closures

Resources for local help + info