Drop 9: The Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico

Drop 2: Siskiyou Fluff Butts

After realizing her friends seemed to be on a downward financial spiral, Elizabeth Freeman checked in with the Los Angeles couple about how things were going. Her friend, Alicia, lived with her fiance and two children – one a new baby. Alicia admitted the family had recently become homeless: having

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12 Days of Drops

The holidays are right around the corner! We’re counting down 12 Days of Christmas by celebrating a unique Diaper Drop every day until Christmas. We partner with these organizations throughout the year and we can’t wait to share their incredible stories with you. Stay tuned!

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The Promise of Forever

Many special needs individuals experience a difficult life in India: stigmas and poverty drive parents to abandon their children at a young age – even as an infant – fearing the inability to support their children, among other concerns. Sarah’s Covenant Homes is a nonprofit child care organization in India

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