Diaper Drops

We call our partner agencies who act as our boots on the ground our “Diaper Drops.” These are hard-working individuals and organizations from all around the world who change the lives of families every single day. If you are interested in applying to become a Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop, please complete the application below.
Our main objective is to provide cloth diapers to families in extreme conditions but we do assist with other hygienic needs as well. We respect all diapering choices, and in the event disposables are a more ideal fit (ex. intensive care units), we may be able to help in those situations as well. Our goal is to provide adequate diaper coverage that is best for each individual situation. We partner with ministries & agencies who are working on addressing the root causes of poverty. It is imperative that we do not create dependence, but instead provide a HAND UP to encourage hope, dignity, and independence.
Our goal is to support you in the amazing, uplifting work that you do. Once accepted, we ask our partners to continue the conversation by providing impact stories and basic demographics (how many individuals and/or families were served by the diapers we provided, for example). All information provided is confidential and will not be shared beyond our decision committee without your permission.

Diaper Drop Application

If you feel that your organization qualifies for aid, fill out the form below to begin the application process.
  • Your Information

    Tell us more about you!
  • Ex: I am lead volunteer at this organization.
  • About the Diaper Drop

    Help us understand the true need and situation so we can help the best that we can. We need a long-term commitment to help with future Diaper Drops and to provide feedback about how the diapers are working over time.
  • i.e. families at an outpatient clinic or babies in an orphanage/group home
  • About the Recipients

    Tell us more about the organization you're representing. Is it a group home, how many babies are of diapering age on average? For individuals, such as an outpatient clinic or outreach, how many babies per year?
  • I represent an orphanage that currently houses 68 babies of diapering age and 5 young adults with special needs.
  • Laundry

    We all do laundry, one way or another. In this section, we want to learn about how you do your laundry. Different diaper types work best in different laundering situations.
  • How do you handle laundry? How often is laundry done? Distance to where the wash is done? If hand washed, is laundry washed with a washboard or a pan? Any additional information is appreciated!
  • Additional Information

  • Communication Committment

    Our donors love impact stories! They want to know the individuals they've directly impacted by donating money or supplies. We rely on our Diaper Drops to send impact updates.