Mayleison’s Story: Cloth Diapers Help Sick Child

It is a joy to share with you Mayleison’s story, and the transformation this sick child made.

Mayleison had been receiving care at our Diaper Drop Real Hope for Haiti. Thanks to you, he and his friends at the Rescue Center have an ample supply of cloth diapers to keep them clean and dry while they recover. 

Mayleison is 2 1/2 years old and weighed 21 pounds when admitted to the Rescue Center. He lost 6 pounds of water weight. He had a severe case of kwashiorkor when he was admitted. 

He had so much edema that his eyes were swollen shut.  His mama was also pregnant and asked to stay with him.  He had been living with his grandma for the past 6 months.

His mama was staying in the hospital caring for her mother who was sick.  Besides the severe kwashiorkor, he also had a fever and diarrhea.

Maylieson is the only child now. His papa is a teacher at a school and his mama bought and sold items for a profit before her mom got sick.  They also have  gardens where they grow beans, corn and sweet potatoes they sell these items as well. 

They do not have running water at their home or a flush toilet, not even an outhouse. They get their water from a piped water system about 10 minutes from their home. They traveled 3 hours by foot and motorcycle to arrive at the clinic. 

Mayleison recently graduated from the Medika Mamba recovery program, and you can see how he’s improved over the past six months. Thank you for providing diapers for Mayleison, so that Real Hope for Haiti can focus on his care instead of worrying about a diaper supply. 

I encourage you to reach me at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you.

~ Stephanie