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If you or someone you know is in need of diapers or other items, please call 2-1-1 to be connected with local resources including cloth and/or single use diapers. If you need cloth diapers and there are no local resources providing cloth diapers, you are welcome to apply to our individual Direct Loan Program (

For information on how to become a community partner organization/Diaper Drop, please contact [email protected]

Company Partners By Program

Jake’s Diapers Eastern Wisconsin Network

  • Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank Initiative
  • On the Dot Alliance for Period Supplies Initiative (Pilot Project)

Through our Eastern Wisconsin Programs, Jake’s Diapers recognizes and provides both single-use and reusable items as culturally appropriate options to meeting hygiene needs.

Jake’s Diapers Puerto Rico Network

  • Puerto Rico Diaper Bank Initiative
  • Puerto Rico Alliance for Period Supplies Initiative (Pilot Project)

Jake’s Diapers is on a mission to ensure every person in Puerto Rico who relies on the support of diapers or period products have access to these hygiene essentials. Through a trusted network of local Puerto Rican community-based organizations, Jake’s Diapers is solving hygiene needs in culturally appropriate ways with an emphasis on reusable items.

Jake’s Diapers National Network

Jake’s Diapers natural strength is reusable solutions to meet hygiene need. Nationally, Jake’s Diapers provides only reusable options to members of the National Diaper Bank Network to supplement their work with single-use items. Additionally, there is a pilot project providing cloth diapers directly to recipients with no local diaper bank being conducted.

Jake’s Diapers Disaster Relief & Recovery Network

We stand ready to assist any of our partners if and when disaster strikes. This includes not only an immediate response but also ensuring long term needs are met as impacted communities rebuild.