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The Promise of Forever

Many special needs individuals experience a difficult life in India: stigmas and poverty drive parents to abandon their children at a young age – even as an infant – fearing the inability to support their children, among other concerns. Sarah’s Covenant Homes is a nonprofit child care organization in India

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Make An Impact For #GivingTuesday

While we believe that access to hygiene products is vital to living clean, healthy and prosperous lives – we also realize we’re not talking about the prettiest topic, here. After all, we’re helping parents wipe butts and keeping people clean during those pesky menstrual cycles. Loraine, a Puerto Rican mom

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Real Hope For Haiti Big

Helping Big Get Bigger

After two short months of life together, Big’s mom passed away – leaving the infant alone in his grandmother’s care. Big’s father visited a couple times over the next months. At first, the child was doing well. On his father’s second visit, the family decided Big’s health required emergency care.

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