Kid-Friendly Volunteering: constellation group volunteering at jake's diapers

Shaping Young Minds with Kid-Friendly Volunteering Experience

While we serve littles around the world with every diaper we send, there are other ways we can have an impact on young minds and lives here at our Hope Factory warehouse. Jake’s Diapers offers many kid-friendly volunteering opportunities for families to make an impact on the community.

We have a great space for families to come with children of any age, as employees of Constellation found out during a recent group volunteer experience. 

Shelli Haggerty is the Impact Leader at Constellation and responsible for encouraging employees to participate in our Giving Campaign in the fall and then to facilitate and coordinate volunteer events throughout the year. She recently worked with Jake’s Diapers to coordinate two volunteer groups of parents and kids for a bring-your-kids-to-work day. 

“We were a bit skeptical that there would be enough tasks for such a large group to complete and that young children could be there volunteering with us, and we quickly saw how much work there was to be done and the young ones got to help recycle cardboard and then take breaks and play,” Shelli said. “Some of the kids had a great time getting in the huge boxes while others had fun tossing the items from an area to another person packing the box. It was great to see kids having fun while making an impact in our community.”

While searching for opportunities for her team, Shelli said she came across Jake’s Diapers’ website and was amazed by our cause and reach. After speaking to Executive Director Stephanie Bowers, whose passion is contagious, Shelli knew Jake’s would be a great fit for Constellation.

While at Jake’s, her group unpacked boxes, labeled items and packed them for shipping. They enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to our cause.

“Babies are so innocent,” she said, “and deserve to get a healthy start in life.”

About Volunteering for Jake’s Diapers

Looking to give your time? You can learn more about kid-friendly volunteering opportunities at Jake’s Diapers by contacting our program manager Katie Kilsdonk via e-mail at [email protected].