The Tiny Blue Diapers Have Landed!

Have you ever wondered how many Tiny Blue cloth diapers you can fit in two suitcases?

While you may not have thought of this question, your generosity & support allowed Katie to find out the answer! Katie’s in Haiti now, and she was able to bring along 260 Tiny Blue Diapers. These diapers are helping babies just like Woodanika stay clean, dry, and healthy.

Woodanika is 7 months old and weighs 9 pounds, four ounces. Her mom brought her to the medical clinic at our Diaper Drop, Real Hope for Haiti. Woodanika’s mom has been sick for about four months and hasn’t been able to breastfeed her during this time. They tried to purchase formula, but could not afford it. Instead, they’ve been feeding her meals of bean sauce or bananas. She has been losing weight for several months and had a fever for about a week before she went to the clinic. At Real Hope for Haiti, Woodanika was admitted to the Rescue Center, and started on the malnutrition recovery program. She is doing well.

It truly takes a global community to raise a child, and we are so thankful for your help in diapering children in need of diapers. Thank you for the hope you bring Woodanika and the other children we are called to serve.