Going Up a Size: Hope Factory Makes More Room for Impact

Most people have moved a time or time in their lives, and you probably remember the sea of boxes you sorted while rediscovering how to organize your new space. Jake’s Diapers is excited to be settled into our new location in Little Chute, a home we refer to now as

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New Location. New Hope.

Hope is an optimistic state of mind, even if you don’t speak Haitian Creole like our friend Darwens. Through your generosity, this year we’ve MORE THAN DOUBLED the number of people we’ve provided diapers to, including Darwens in Haiti. This is an incredible feat, and we’re ready to celebrate with some really

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2018 Top Rated on Great NonProfits

Our mission started with a recognized need to get clean diapers to babies across the world so that caregivers would no longer have to choose between food and diapers. It was simple and seemed obvious. So, we launched in 2013 with a goal of helping only 15 babies at this

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