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Our State is Home to 2 Million in Need

While Wisconsin’s poverty rate is lower than the national average, according to a recent report by the Coalition on Human Needs and 9 to 5 Wisconsin — it’s still important to realize that more than 2 million people live either in or near poverty in our state. The breakdown includes

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Give Back Bus Invades Hope Factory

As we settle into our new home at the Hope Factory in Little Chute, we’ve been lucky to host some larger groups of volunteers now that we have space. In February, the Volunteer Fox Cities Give Back Bus dropped by with a busload of 20 employees from Great Northern Corporation

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Diaper Wars Drive Donations and Awareness

Poverty paints a lot of pictures, some more common than others: children in a third world country, hungry and wearing tattered clothes; homeless men and women, dirty and huddled on a street block in a large city; a person standing near a busy highway, desperately holding onto a sign asking

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